Discover the

World of Plants 

The Plant Club subscription box features unique and attractive plant varieties each month that club members are sure to enjoy.  Membership includes distinctive containers plus helpful extras to keep your plant collection at its best.

Grown with Love

 We are 4th generation growers and our love for plants is packaged in every box. 

Shipped to Your Door

 Each box is built with care and shipped rush express to your home or office. 

Enjoy Your Membership

Plants make you feel more relaxed and calm, which in turn benefits your every day mood. 

What people say about our plants...

"I've received two boxes so far and I've loved them both. They are packed with extra care and are great additions to my plant hoarding…”

Maria C. 

"I have received 3 shipments from Plant Club so far, and I am impressed! The shipments are always timely and the plants are very healthy. I have found myself looking forward to receiving this each month more than any of my other subscriptions. Plus my indoor plant collection is much nicer now! Highly recommend!"

Lisa B.

"I love it! The plant was packaged with so much care, simple and clear instructions and tips for potting and care, and such cute accompaniments."

Tisha B.