Inside The Plant Club's Subscription Boxes

Each collection is carefully packed and delivered in gift-quality packaging.  Prepaid subscriptions are easy and fun gifts.  Our most popular subscriptions are 3 to 6 months, so we're sure to include lots of diversity to keep each month's box a special treat. 

Your Monthly "Plant Mail" includes...

Each month, you'll receive a beautiful and unique plant selection in a plastic grower's pot. We include your complete 'Plant Story' along with an id tag and goodie kit. Add on our Premium Potting Kit for everything you need to dress your plant for home decor. Premium Potting Kit  includes a decorative container, custom blend potting mix, rock-topper, hand-illustrated assembly instructions, and other curious extras. 


Featured Plant Selections

Inspiration comes in its own way.  Each plant is selected based on a host of criteria including coloration, character, foliage, form, seasonality, and diversity. 


Fun to Share...

Whether saying thank you, HBD, Congrats! or Happy Holidays, we think you've found the perfect gift for loved ones and even the occasional "liked" ones.  We pack them as gifts and make them easy enough for newbs.